Ryokusui lake camp field Ryokusui lake camp field


ADDRESS: 1128-1 Shimonakatani, Nambucho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture,683-0343, Japan
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Features of facility

-Toilets for Men and Women
-Full toilet for disabled people
-Shower (private room 200 yen / 5 minutes) Please take off your shoes and use the shower booth.
-Power supply BOX
-Parking space (for one car)
-Washing place with water

Q & A

【About reservation / cancellation】

When can I make a reservation?
You can apply by Auto Camp online from 1 year before the month of use.
What time zone do you have for telephone reservations?
Reservations by phone are available from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (Except every Tuesday, due to regular holiday)
Can I make a reservation on the Internet?
About reservations, campsite reservation site "nappu なっぷ" / mail / LINE / reservation acceptance by telephone is possible. If you are using 3 or more camp sites, a pre-booking fee is required.
>>> Reservation from here <<<
Do you need a reservation fee, advance deposit, etc. in advance?
It is not necessary.
Can I wait for cancellation?
We are not waiting for cancellation.It is troublesome, but please confirm at any time by the Internet, telephone.
When does a cancellation fee occur?
Cancellation fee for cancellation by customer's convenience: 7 days before use date: 20% of charge, 3 days before: 50% of charge, same day and without notification: 100% of charge we will request it
Is there a cancellation fee if the weather is bad?
If it is normal rain or snow, the campsite will be open. Please prepare for rain gear etc. and come.
In the case of a typhoon, etc., we will determine if accommodation is possible at our campsite.
There is no cancellation fee if it is determined that accommodation is not possible. Please check the weather forecast and inquire.

【About check-in / check-out / pay】

When is the check-in time?
It is preferred between 1pm to 5pm. Please contact us if you are late.
When do you requiew pay for the reservation?
Full payment will be made upon check-in.
Can I use a credit card for payment?
Yes, they can be used for payment.(JCB/VISA/MASTER/AMEX/PayPay/Alipay国際決済/微信(WeChat)/銀聯ネット決済)

【About AutoCamp】

What are the sizes of the different sites?
One space is 10m x 10m. The space where you can set up a tent (prepared sections) are about 5m x 5m.
Can I specify a site?
No, you can not specify the site (number) or the location.
We consider the weather, groups, individuals, pets and so much more, and allocate sites to provide a comfortable place for everyone as much as possible.
Do you decide the site (number) in order of the earliest check-in?
You will be using this specified site, not the order of check-in.
Is there a limit on the number of people in one space?
The capacity of one section is: one car for up to 6 people (including adults and children (3 years old and over).
If you are using more than 6 people, you will be required to add an additional space.
In addition, please follow the instructions of the staff for parking of the second and subsequent cars.
Is there a space that has a barbecue stove?
There are none. Please bring it with you, or we have rental available.
Can I have a barbecue or bonfire on the site?
This campsite prohibits open fires. Make sure to have a barbecue or fire using equipment with proper safety features.
Is there a sponge or detergent in the kitchen?
There are none. Please use eco-cleansers at the Campfield.
Can I park my car near my tent?
You can park at the tent site. Please be careful not to bother other customers.
There is a common parking lot separated from the tent site.
Are pets allowed?
Pets are allowed.
However, please keep them on a lead and clean up after them, so you don't bother other customers.

【About coin shower】

Do you have a coin shower?
Yes, they are 200 yen / 5 minutes.
Do you have towels, shampoos, or dryers for sanitary use?
There are none.
Do you have shampoo etc. in the coin shower?
There is no shampoo, body soap or hair dryers in the coin shower area.
Please bring natural soaps, shampoos and all other shower items with you.

【About facility】

Is there a place where you can have meals and drinks?
There is no facility that can provide meals within the campsite, but you can have meals at a nearby facility called "Ryokusuien".
Is there a place where you can have a barbecue outside even on rainy days?
There is no place for this on our campsite, but there are other nearby facilities.

【About the treatment of fire】

Can I have an open fire (a direct bonfire on the ground)?
The Natural Hall and Camp Field prohibits open fires. Be sure to use a device with feet of sufficient height. (There is also a rental for the open fire station.)
What should I do with used charcoal?
There is a special dump site for each cooking building, so please dispose of the burning waste (charcoal, ash) after the bonfire or barbecue.
Please do not throw it out on the river or the ground.

【resevoir / Fireworks】

Can I swim or fish in the resevoir?
Swimming in the resevoir is prohibited. Fishing is also prohibited.
Can I use fireworks?
Fireworks, etc. are not permitted at all, including hand-held fireworks.


Can I use day trips such as day camps and barbecues?
You can do it. However, if there are many guests during the busy season, you may not be able to, so please reserve in advance.
Is there a regular holiday?
Every Tuesday the camp site is closed. (Except holidays, summer holidays etc.)
However, even if it is a business day, it may not be available if you do not make a reservation in advance.
How should I dispose of trash?
A garbage can is given to all guests with a mandatory recycling fee of 500 yen / day.
Can I enter or leave at night?
There is no lock, but we do not allow admissions except for those who have made reservations. You can not enter or leave except in the case of an emergency such as sudden illness or injury. Please follow the rules. In case of an emergency such as illness or injury, please contact the administration building (administrator).
When is light off time?
Sounds and acts that would be annoying to other customers are prohibited from 8:00 pm until 8:00 am. Please cooperate so that everyone can rest at ease.
Do you have any insects (such as mosquitoes)?
The camp is located on a mountain with abundant nature, so naturally there are many mosquitoes. Do not forget to wear tops and bottoms with long sleeves, and insect repellents. Also be careful with snakes and bees.
Will my cell phone have service? Can I make calls on the site?
Although there are places where it is difficult to connect, it is possible to call and communicate in general. The site also has available wifi.
Is it possible to smoke?
Indoors is totally non-smoking in the camp building. It is only possible to smoke in designated places outside.
In the campsite, please be mindful not to inconvenience the campers of the adjacent site when smoking.
Smoking is dangerous while walking, so please stop.
Smile Cube Co., Ltd. has become the designated manager of Nanbu Town and Ryokusui Lake Campfield. Please inquire for details.