Ryokusui lake camp field Ryokusui lake camp field

TEBURA-CAMP (No Prepartation Needed Camp)

The debut of having a great camping experience without any tools!

Because we want you to enjoy the camp casually, we have prepared a "hands-out camping plan" where you can enjoy a 2-day camping experience at our campsite.
All camping equipment will be rented. Customers can prepare their own food, drinks, clothes, etc. only need to prepare personal items. Let's make a camping debut at "TEBURA Camp"!

Eliminate the anxiety of preparing camping tools so you can camp comfotably!
The staff will provide full support.

The first camp experience can be uneasy, but please rest assured that our helpful-staff will use their knowledge and skills at the campsite to assist you.
We will also give information and advice on setup and takedown from the campground. We will fully support your comfortable camping experience.

TEBURA CAMP rental product contents

Here you will find all the provided equipment for the camp. (It will be used for 2 adults and 3 children)
 *Contents of rental products may be different by place, please note.

Usage charge 1 set  49,500yen(Tax included)

*Up to 5 people (CF accommodation fee / rental fee)
*An extended stay charge One set 24,750 yen (Tax included)

>>>>Reservation from here<<<<
In addition to the contents of rental items, it is useful to bring with you

We picked out some of the things you need to enjoy the camp more comfortably. It is not something you must bring, so please refer to it as a reference.

-Bath set (shampoo, conditioner, body soap, towel, etc.)
-Change of clothes
-Toothbrush set
-Bug repellent spray
-Cup (Mug, cup for children)  *Sierra cups are attached to set contents.
-Lights, headlights  *Lights for carrying when moving (flashlight)
-Tea, towel for chores
-Blanket *Depending on the season may be colder than expected.
-Garbage bag  *There is no specification.
-Utility writer (Chuckaman etc.)  *Lighter is attached.
-Cylinder stove *Plate burner (one stove) is included. Please judge by the contents of the dish.
-Strainer, bowl
-Wrap, aluminum foil, tupper-ware
-Tissue, kitchen paper